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Andrea's Career Capsule
Andrea Jaxson is the host of one of the highest rated evening radio shows in Dallas/Ft Worth, “Night LightTM with Andrea” on the Flagship station 94.9 KLTY-FM. “Night LightTM with Andrea” is also syndicated on over 80 stations through the Salem Music Network. For over 15 years Andrea has been entertaining her listeners on this historic radio station and is recognized as one of the top talents in radio. She began her radio career at the early age of seventeen at Dolly Parton’s radio station WDLY in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Andrea quickly found herself working at 107.7 WIVK in Knoxville Tennessee, which held the #1 market share in the country music at the time. Before moving to Dallas, Andrea had a brief stint at the Top 40 station Star 93.1 as Music Director and Mid-Day personality. Andrea is considered a veteran in the radio industry with close to 22 years of experience including 15 years in a top 5 market. She has been voted “On Air Personality of the Year” by Program Director.Net and “Radio Person of the Day” by Radio Daily News.  Andrea has a great passion for life and people. She loves traveling and catching a round of golf on the weekends with her husband Mike.




1. Tell us about your program “Night LightTM with Andrea” (a little history, etc)?

We started “Night LightTM with Andrea” back in late 2007. We wanted to design a show that really impacted people beyond just a sixty second phone conversation. We engage listeners with real and relevant conversation. It’s an encouraging and hope filled show that is phone intensive as the listeners share their unique and uplifting stories.  The show ranges in topics from adoption to marital advice to talking about your kids to wedding day bloopers to anything that is of interest to women ages 25-54. 


2. How did the idea to expand into other markets materialize?

From the beginning we knew “Night LightTM” was special. Within the first couple of weeks our listeners responded in a big way. John Peroyea, our Vice President and General Manager, began his commitment to expand “Night LightTM with Andrea” into other markets. His leadership at 94.9 KLTY, along with Salem has been incredible! I feel blessed to be part of such an outstanding team.


3. What makes “Night LightTM with Andrea” unique?

“Night LightTM” is unique in the sense that it is purely about the listeners and their stories. Something special happens when you bring people together and give them an opportunity to be part of a community. It is our desire to give listeners an outlet to freely share their hearts.


4. How do you keep in touch with your listeners on a daily basis?

We do use social media Facebook, Twitter and .


5. Where do you find prep for your show on a daily basis?

Prep to me is real life 24/7. Being in touch with what women think about and what’s important to them is most important. After doing this for several years, I’ve also learned that part of being an effective communicator is having the ability to be a great listener!! So it’s important that I prep by clearing my mind of outside distractions before we start the show every night.


6. What (if any) Christian radio stations/personalities do you consider as innovators today?

WPOZ in Orlando is a tremendous station.  They have shown that a CCM station can do more than simply compete in a general market, but with hard work, commitment, a great team and dedication, can be #1 in the market.


7. Where do you see “Night LightTM with Andrea” in 5 years?

We truly believe the sky’s the limit for “Night LightTM”. God’s hand has been on this from the beginning!  Salem is commited to reaching audiences far beyond what we can ever imagine! It’s impossible to say where “Night LightTM with Andrea” will be in 5 years but I have no doubt that it will exceed any of our expectations!!






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