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Every week Record Promoter Josh Lauritch takes a look at 3 new CCM songs that caught his attention – The Heart – The Data – PD pick of the week!




HEART: Mike Donehey “All Together”  (Fair Trade Services)

Maybe we don’t have to have it all together

What if grace made it safe to tell you the truth, oh?

Maybe we can make a shelter for each other

Turnin’ lies into light and we’ll make it through

All together, all together

Mike is such a bold truth teller. Every time I’m around him, I’m challenged and encouraged and 100% always reminded of the beauty of the gospel. I need to remember what Jesus has done for me because I certainly don’t have it all together.

I struggle to keep track of all that needs to be accomplished each day. I battle insecurity in the face of much competition each week in my job. I often feel like a failure when calls aren’t returned or pitches don’t land well. The work I do each day seems like it might be glamorous but ultimately it’s a significant daily battle between thinking “I’m the man” and “I should quit”. 😳 In the midst of all of that it pride, envy, insecurity (rooted in pride) and a whole concoction of other nonsense. I have to get on the phone each day and talk with radio friends about the beautiful truth found in these songs while battling all this stuff in my soul…

”I’m not good enough to do this” is a phrase spinning around in my head almost every day.

I have a feeling that in radio, you may feel a similar way. You have to get on the radio each day and share the life-giving news of the gospel in the middle of your struggle, your sin, your insecurity and so much more.

This new song from Mike Donehey is like a soothing balm on a tired soul. Imagine what it would feel like if grace made it safe for you and I to tell the truth about our lives vs. the posturing we tend to do with each other? What if we could be a shelter for each other? It’s true that we’re all after the same thing if we’re working in this space of Christian Music and Christian Radio…we’re here to make much of Jesus. We are truly all in this together.

I’m committing to walk in a vulnerability this week. I don’t have it all together. I know most of you don’t either.Allow grace to make it safe for you to tell the truth with each other. Each meeting. Each phone call. Each text message. Let’s join in this practice together because that’s the only way we’ll make it through. 

DATA: Dante Bowe “Joyful” (Bethel Music) 

When it launched, this song was seen by many programmers as a fun song but a risk. The risk being…”it’s not going to test well”. Maybe we start moving towards defining success in other ways that mere survey results…certainly we can at least admit that our thoughts about what might “work” and what might not “work” are merely that…thoughts. The best thing any programmer can do is establish where they want their stations to be and go there with courage. Some songs might not “work” in the metrics you value. Some you’re afraid of might actually surprise you. The people listening are always growing and changing. Even the extremely narrow group of survey takers are growing and changing as you introduce new sounds to them.

“Joyful” is one particular song that is surprising a ton of programmers right now. In the latest Mediabase RATE THE MUSIC, the song scored a 3.94 overall with an amazing 4.01 with women 45-54. That’s a score I could guarantee you nobody predicted when this song was sent to radio.

In weekly consumption (Nielsen Music Connect), the song was +51.2% overall week-to-week. This is a strong indicator of demand! For a song with just over 50% of the BDS Christian AC Monitored stations supporting it and only 20% of the BDS Christian AC Indicator stations supporting it, this is a song that I can confidently say is worth paying attention to right now.

Songs don’t grow this was in research and consumption without there being a genuine and natural demand for them from the audience listening to them each week.

Programmer Pick: Jarrett Stevens, Program Director/Afternoon Host at Life 97.9, KFNW-FM in Fargo, ND

Cade Thompson “Source of Life” (Red Street Records)

As PD’s/MD’s we are always looking for the next talent, that next hit. I’m super excited about this young man’s career! He writes with a perspective that seems beyond his years but has a coolness factor! 

“Source of Life” is a much needed reminder of where our strength and peace come from.  Many people I talk to are so tired – trying to make it through as if their life set on auto pilot. “Source of Life” offers so much hope that in the middle of it all. We can reconnect to that Source and find much needed rest, peace, strength, and restoration in Jesus!

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