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“Forecasting Donor Revenue for Purchasing a New Radio Station – Five Methods”

Purchasing a new radio station (or upgrading an existing station) can represent a significant investment of time and money for your radio ministry.  Accurately forecasting future revenue for a potential new station acquisition is critical in deciding whether to purchase a station and what price to pay. This HisAir.Net webinar will present the five methods you can use to forecast future donor revenue.

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Webinar presenter Frank Kavenik helps Christian radio network leaders to increase coverage, audience, and revenue.  He is the developer of the Radiometrics Data Science System.  Frank holds degrees in management, law, and engineering.

Over 400 HisAir.Net subscribers have read Frank’s article on this topic from December 27, 2020. The webinar is FREE but will be limited to the first 100 HisAir.Net subscribers who register.

To receive a personal invitation, send an e-mail with “WEBINAR” in the subject line to:  [email protected]

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, February 25 at 8A PT, 9A MT, 10A CT, 11A ET