Christian Radio Consulting


Ted Semper Christian Radio Consulting offers the knowledge of more than 25 years radio experience
and these services for radio stations or special one-on-one services for on-air talent.
Plus we have made our services very affordable for stations in smaller markets.

Station Services


Bring it up a notch! With this level we offer advice and help with all aspects of the programming department. Our relationship with the PD will be on a regular basis to assist in all areas. This would include music selection and adds, promotions, imaging, talent evaluation and air-check critiques, rating analysis if necessary, talent search, news, voice tracking, website development and internet presence, and suggestions on all programming operations. We’ll help the PD achieve his or her goals.


A one time (2 day) hands on visit to your market for total evaluation of your stations programming.
We’ll cover all aspects of the overall sound of the station, including: on-air talent, music selection, music flow,¬†rotations and clocks, station imaging, promotions, and more. Individual sessions if necessary all according to your station needs. A great plan if your station budget does not allow for an in-house program director.


The morning show. We’ll visit your market to give you a total evaluation of your most important daypart. We’ll focus on content, presentation, music, prep, promotion, imaging, and topicality of the morning show. You choose the area’s of most concern to cover.¬†

For On Air Talent


An ongoing relationship with you to help further your career. We’ll give you constant feedback on your current position and how you can be the best possible. Including aircheck critique, content, prep, appearances, production, and more. A totally honest and open evaluation of your career. We’ve been there so we know what PD’s and GM’s look for in on-air talent. If you’re looking to move up or make a change we can help you there too. All consulting held in confidence.


A one-time evaluation of your current on-air work. Including the content, presentation, and overall sound. We’ll take a look at your entire package and assist you in making a great impression on possible future employers. We’ll provide advice on when or how to “make a move”. We’ll give you the answers to what PD’s look for when hiring new talent. All consulting held in confidence.

About Us

Ted Semper’s radio career spans over 4 decades!

He’s worked in very small markets to very large markets across the country.
His past roles at various stations include Operations Manager, Program Director, Assistant Program Director,
Music Director, Overnight- Morning-Weekend jock, (well all shifts actually), to stunt boy,
station mascot, production director, public service director,
copy writer, news guy, you name it he’s done it!

Rates for the above services are available by request to
[email protected] or call 225-773-5676

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